1 Sweet Mambo 4-2
1% Devil

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A Little Boogie Woogie Video
After The Devil Video
Afterglow   Video 
Ah Si for 2     
Ain't Gonna Work That Hard Video
Alabao Por Dos Video
Alibis & Lies
All I Want 2 Do
Alligator Shuffle      Video
The Alligator Walk  Video
Amame Por Dos   Video
Ami Oh For 2
Annie's Cha Cha Video
As Requested! 
 Video1   Video2

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Back 2 Basics
Bad Boys Two
Bad Things Video
Bagaluichi Bump
Barn Dance Video
Beer In Mexico
Believe Everything
Billy's Dance Video
Blue Jean Swing
Blue Rose Is     Video
Brazil Together
Butterfly Tattoo
BVD Video

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Cabo San Lucas Por Dos   Video
Canadian Carousel
Candles & Roses Video
Carousel Video
Cheap Talking
City Lights Swing Video
Coconut Cha Video
Coffee For Two   Video
Colorado Girls
Cold N Tall
Come & Go Cha Cha
Come Dance With Me   Video
Corina Corina
Counting Stars Video
Country Corral Round-Up
Cowboy Casanova 4-2   Video
Cowboy Waltz Video
Crazy Foot Mambo for Partners

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Dance Chico Dance
Dance Down to Mexico Video
Date Night
Dirty Fun
Do It With Dixie
Doors Of Life For Two   Video
Double Dippin'   Video
Double Vision Video
Drifter  Video
Drinkin' Partners Video

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El Paso   Video
Enjoy Yourself
Every Storm

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Fools Mambo
Free Spin Video
Funky Couples

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Gone   Video
Good Rockin' Tonight    Video
Good Time Friday Night   Video

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H&D Shuffle   Video
Hear My Song For 2 Video
Here For A Good Time Video
Here I Am Again
Hudson Valley cha Video

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If You Want My Love For 2
Indian Summer

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Jai’ 2 Boogie Video
Jumpin’ 2 Guns
Jumpin’ The Gun for 2
Just Another Waltz

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Kansas City Couple
Kelly's Dream   Video
Kevin's Waltz For 2
Knee Keep
Knee Deep For Two Video

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Last Forever
Loves Gonna Make It Video
Love Letter Waltz 4-2 Video
Lover Please Come Back
Loving Tonight
Luna Moon

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Marry For Money 4 Two
Maybe Later
M.C. Swing
McGraw Stroll   Video1 Video2
Me & You   Video
Messing Up
Midnight Rendezvous
Midnight Waltz
My Princess

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Nightclub Stroll Video

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Old Flame   Video
Ooh Baby Baby
One Night's Kiss   Video
Our Merry Way

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People Are 2 Crazy   Video
Put You In A Song Video

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Quarter After 2

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Radio Flyer   Video
The Red Bandana
Ready For The Good Times
Red Wine Video
Redneck Cha Cha With You
Reminisce   Video
Rhumba Amore(or Less)
Rhumba 4 Two Video
Riding The Love Train
Rings   Video1 Video2
Rita's Waltz
Rock A Bye Baby Video
Rockin & Groovin
Rockingham Rumble Video
Round And Round

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Sassy Shaney Video
SBS for 2 (Shuffle Boogie Soul for Two)
Sweetheart Scottische Video
Sea Shells    Video
Seattle Sunshine  Video
September Cha Video
Seven Nights
Shadow Video
Shake Us Up  Video
She Comes 2 Me  VideoVideo2 Video3
Shine Video
The Shooter Video
Side Kick
Sing Me Home Video
Six Pack Summer
Skinny Genes For Two 
Smooth Swing
Snap Your Fingers Video
So Damm Hot
Soft & Slow
Something Fine Video
Southern Sweethearts Video
Stars And Moon Waltz
Stationary Cha Cha
Stuck Like Glue Video1 Video2
Sundown Serenade
Sunset Mambo
Suzanne Suzanne  Video
Sweet Delights   Video
Sweet Tea Video1 Video2 Video3
Swing Dream
Swingin’ Summer   Video

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“T & A” Toes & A--  Video
Talk To Me
Tennessee Stroll
Tequila Twirl
The JW Walk
This Women
Time Is Love
Time To Go
Tony’s Tango Video
Trashy Women
Traveling Gypsy Video
Trust Us
Twilight Schottische   Video1 Video2
Two Busy
Two Left Feet 4-2

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Ultimate Love
Unlock My Heart 2
Up A Notch
Up the Road 
Urban Basics

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Wanna Be Elvis With U
White Rose For Two Video
We Can Dream
We Tried
We're Walking Backwards
Western Star Cross
Western Weave Video
What a Wonderful World
The Whirling Dervish
Whiskey Wishes
Why Don't We 2 Just Dance
Wild Women 
Woman Is Too Smart Video
Woman Video
Wooden Nickle
Wrangler Wrap For Partners

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Your Country Right Here

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Zjozzys Two Funk